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Department of French was founded in 1972, is the national institute of technology is the French earliest professional in colleges and universities. Has recruited 17 session of undergraduate, graduate more than 300 people; The 6 th to recruit master graduate student, graduation seven people. After more than 30 years of construction and development, which has formed a professional age, educational background, professional title structure increasingly reasonable academic echelonment, existing professor 2 people, 5 associate professor, lecturer 4 people, has a doctorate in 2 people, a master's degree in six. In the long-term teaching, scientific research and undergraduate, postgraduate training, has formed several distinctive and the stability of the fruitful research direction, in recent years, a total of 83 academic papers, published monographs, translations, textbooks and other 15, nine central south university in hunan province and academic research projects.

This major and English major in 1996 joint declaration success "translation theory and practice of" master degree (now renamed as "foreign linguistics and applied linguistics"), and in 1998 began to recruit students. Academic leaders Zhang Senkuan is France, Ph.D., professor in the French linguistics and comparative study on the legal culture areas have high attainments.

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