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Central south university school of foreign languages of Japanese predecessor for the three-year college, adult education college, take an examination of undergraduate course. In 1999 the ministry of education approved the establishment of four-year undergraduate professional.

Undergraduate professional set up the basic idea is: develop a deep understanding between the two countries culture of innovative talents. So this major is very pay attention to cultivate students in several ways. Through four years of study, the student should be a "high moral qualities and good psychological quality; body; excellent professional quality" of the training objectives.

At present, this major has 4 undergraduate 120 people, graduate students, a small way of teaching. Thirteen of teachers. Two of a professor, associate professor, a Japanese Japanese teacher. In addition, the school each year sent 1 ~ 2 teacher to sister school the fukui industrial university, teaching Chinese language, and study Japanese.

Japanese department since its inception the main achievements:

One person was awarded a prize of excellent teachers of baosteel reward fund;

A provincial outstanding communist party member title;

3 people for teaching achievement prizes at the provincial level;

3 people won the second prize of teaching achievement from school;

Five people won the field teaching achievement first prize;

Five people won the second prize of teaching achievement from school;

One person won the second prize in multimedia electronic lesson plans and competition from school;

1 person attains the field the first class quality teacher title;

One person was awarded as the first field teacher teacher;

1 he won the field ethics title of "advanced individual";

One person was awarded as the first field virtue pacesetter.

Japanese department in 2003 was awarded as "lotus pacesetter duty" of hunan province federation of trade unions, education of hunan province in 2004 the union "lotus pacesetter duty" title.

One of the students special-class award of national composition contest in Japanese;

6 m won third prize national composition contest,

Five people won the national excellent composition contest;

Graduate students in the 1 person for two consecutive years won the national Japanese graduate speech competitions third prize, 1 person won the honorable mention;

2 years in a row special-class award of Chinese national Japanese speech contest central division;

Many Japanese won the first prize in speech contest in hunan province and hunan province Japanese composition contest.

One person won the national first-class scholarship, three people won the second-class scholarship.

One person was awarded a prize of excellent students of baosteel reward fund,

Three people get special field outstanding student scholarship,

2 people, Jiang Weiying scholarships, there are many people field and level of various kinds of rewards.

There are four people through the examination of the ministry of education study foundation, obtained at public expense sent to Japan famous university study abroad opportunities.

Over the years, the Japanese department of students to participate in the international Japanese ability test and the professional level 4 test scores are far more than the national average. Student employment rate was close to 100% a year. Now all the teachers and students are so daring to department for the construction and development of this discipline positive efforts.

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