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185 college English teachers in our school, take the whole school 15000 undergraduate college English required courses and elective course teaching, and 4300 masters/PhD student of English teaching.

College English department according to the campus is set to the first, second and third teaching branch, is responsible for the main campus, the new campus and xiangya medical college campus of undergraduate course teaching; Each segment consists of both teaching and research section, in charge of the teaching of a grade. In addition, the college English teaching and research section is responsible for the entire school non-english major graduate student of master's and doctoral students in English teaching. Setting up foreign language education technology center, responsible for the electronic teaching, autonomous learning center and English learning website construction and management.

College English course orientation and goal:

Course orientation:

Comprehensive training of English comprehensive application ability, especially listening and speaking skills, comprehensive cultural quality and autonomous learning ability, make them in the future work and social interactions can use English effectively in oral and written communication, meet the needs of social development in our country and international communication.


1) college English courses: cultivating students' translation multifaceted language basic skills such as listening, speaking, reading and writing, and to strengthen the students' English language knowledge, cultivate and improve the students' language application ability and communication skills.

2) language skills classes: a continuation of the base class English course, aims to improve students language communication and practical application ability.

3) cultural quality class elective courses: will the students' English learning process and how to cultivate culture fuses in together, speak English as a medium of understanding and the different characteristics of the comparative analysis between Chinese and western culture, absorbing essence, improve the humanistic quality cultivation.

4) application technical courses: cultivate students at a higher level of language analysis and the application ability, to develop students' language logic reasoning, judgment and analysis ability, and improve academic paper writing and translation ability.

For special purposes (5) the advanced class courses: trains the student to use English as the medium of language, learn interdisciplinary knowledge of professional disciplines and theory, further study on professional, and for the future lay a good foundation for the international academic exchanges.

The first pilot schools teaching reform as the ministry of education in our school and college English teaching reform pilot studies project school, over the past five years, conducted a series of on college English curriculum reform research and practice, has obtained the obvious effect.

First, the big foreign language education new idea is put forward. Combination of school development planning and new undergraduate training program, we put forward the concept and framework of big foreign language education, and the integration of all aspects of the teaching resources, through the reform of college English course system, teaching content and teaching methods, optimizing multi-dimensional foreign language education and learning environment, create a good atmosphere of learning foreign language for students, improving students' practical application ability, foreign language and to learn professional courses and participate in the international academic exchange platform structures.

Second, the establishment of "base + advanced English, English professional English" three-level curriculum structure system. This curriculum system framework is according to the ministry of education "college English curriculum requirements", combining the characteristics of the number of the students in our school, the starting point is uneven and establish the foundation of stage, advanced, professional stage 3 foreign language personnel training mode, it can meet the demand of the students' language and personalized development, beneficial to cultivating students' English comprehensive application ability.

Basic English courses for college English grade 1 to grade 4, practice the "2 + 2 + X" teaching mode, namely a week "2 class multimedia classroom integrated classroom teaching" and "digital language lab small-class audio-visual teaching 2 classes" and "X hours students network autonomous learning after class, the teacher answer online tutoring".

Advanced English course is divided into three types of language skills, language application and language culture course, strive to cultivate the students' language application ability and cultural accomplishment, at present there are weekend humanities class quality class 12 door open and the fourth semester of English electives 14 door series.

Professional English courses for students with English learning professional knowledge, engaged in academic research and exchange platform, now runs medical English, information technology, business English, English professional courses of science and technology, in which the medical English for central south university in 2009, the middle class quality.

Third, build the system of teaching evaluation system, to ensure the teaching quality improved. Adhere to ensure quality of college English curriculum teaching evaluation is an important characteristic of college English teaching in our school. Our teaching evaluation in recent years mainly by: (1) build a formative teaching evaluation system, adhere to the mid-term exam peace education examination system, organize public class teaching and the teaching appraisal guidance; (2) the school teaching quality monitoring system, including the superintendent expert examination, routine mid-term teaching examination, etc.; (3) improve the summative evaluation pattern, reform the examination method in comprehensive evaluation, the introduction of the speaking test.

In the school office of the organization of the teaching, the lectures of this course evaluation was kept at more than 93% for three consecutive years; The effect of classroom teaching evaluation, the final evaluation also has outstanding.

Fourth, to strengthen the construction of teaching environment, the development of college English classroom teaching space and time. To create "central south university online English learning website", introducing excellent network language teaching resources as the network courses, to improve and update, form the network curriculum, the academic research, web surfing, interaction between teachers and students and the heaven and earth and so on five big platform, provide rich resources of language learning for students, build good communication atmosphere.

School of foreign investment of more than 8000 ten thousand yuan to build a new network teaching, including experimental teaching college English specialized area of nearly square meters, with 36 (1400) between the digital language LABS and autonomous learning center dedicated classroom 3 (400), at the same time for the 1800 people study or attend English online exam; Construction of the satellite TV system, all foreign language students in the classroom can watch foreign language; Use of campus network has opened the broadband network cover all campus and student dormitory learning channels; Students can be any place on campus through the FM radio to listen to English listening teaching content.

Fifth, pay attention to the combination of classroom teaching and extracurricular activities, foreign language culture atmosphere for students. Guidance of hunan province top ten central south university students' English cultural community - English club activities carried out a series of campus English culture, in their spare time to carry out the speech contest, English corner, plays the game, a series of activities such as reading and vocabulary competition, and create a good environment for foreign language culture and language use.

Sixth, the reform method, improve the teaching quality and effect. Pay attention to play a leading role of teachers in the classroom teaching methods and students' main body role. Professor course jin-ding peng, head of the charge of the provincial "college English two-way dynamic complementary reflection practice research" was awarded the first prize for teaching reform achievement of hunan province. Since 2004, the college English test band 4 qualified rate rose steadily.

Seventh, based on the teaching, to research the project driven teaching improvement. Relying on the key subject of hunan province "foreign linguistics and applied linguistics" and "English language and literature" and "English language and literature" doctoral and master's degree program is "curriculum and teaching theory" discipline advantage, put forward "teaching based on teaching, research projects to stimulate ascension", the working train of thought of teaching reform. Over the past five years, the college English teachers in our school undertakes at all levels of the educational reform the research topic of 69 items, including the ministry of education topic 5 items, the province departmental level 21 items, field 39, transverse 4 items. All levels of teaching achievement prizes at 11, 17 scientific research achievement, and teaching competition/direction 57; In domestic and international important academic journals published 175 papers. With and textbook 48 works.

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