The English department

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Department of English, founded in 1972, is the national institute of technology, founded one of the earliest English majors in colleges and universities. Now make up teachers' 47 people, including 18 professors, 18 associate professors, lecturers 11 people, nearly 800 undergraduate students in school, graduate student nearly 400 people. The main cultivation of the major foreign language talents with international vision and cross professional background. Students on the basis of fluent in two languages, can insight into the forefront of international political, economic and cultural development, have good humanistic literacy, comprehension ability, thinking ability, cooperation ability.

Our English majors from 1979 began to recruit master graduate student, in 1986 with A master's award, "the English language and literature" the enrollments in 1995 the state council degree check grade A (excellent) in the assessment standard (only one in the master's degree program is A level of English language literature of hunan province). In 1996, our hospital has to declare "foreign linguistics and applied linguistics" the master, and in 2001, and got 15 and the 11th five-year plan key subject of hunan province in 2006. English language and literature in 2006 attains the level of discipline, became the first two pure arts of central south university, in the same year, English language and literature discipline for the 11th five-year plan key subject of hunan province. School of foreign languages, thus to become the province only had two provincial key disciplines of colleges. Established in 2007 approved by the research base of humanities and social science research base, translation of hunan province. Also in 2007 became the first have interpretation and translation at the same time two directions of translation professional diploma awarded one of the nine.

Emphasis on undergraduate teaching is our tradition, since 1989, our hospital started English majors to cultivate inter-disciplinary talent as the goal of comprehensive English teaching reform. On the recruit students, carry out and recruit and coherence in writing, in terms of curriculum system, in order to "thick foundation, wide caliber, heavy capacity" for the principle, the English major and complex professional courses together, the Lord set the basic English course in basic stage, auxiliary compound professional basic theory; In professional stage, reduce language literature courses, courses such as English of science and technology and trade. In addition, we in the construction of teaching material, teaching content and teaching method for the corresponding reform. At the same time, widely open up the second classroom for a variety of extra curricular activities. Professional English majors in 2008 in hunan province characteristics, become a national professional in 2010.

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