Jiang Weiying scholarship symposium held smoothly in our hospital

Time:2015-12-08    ViewTimes:1641

On December 4 in the afternoon, Jiang Weiying scholarship symposium held in room 332 in the foreign language building. The forums have the honor to invite to the daughter of Mr Jiang Weiying Jiang Yuehui lady, secretary of the foreign language institute party committee secretary Chen Guangcheng attended the symposium.

Chen Guangcheng secretary: at the beginning of the symposium, first with the classmates together Mr Jiang Weiying are reviewed and for 17 years of "love", central south university after graduating from college, Mr. Jiang was assigned to the former college of zhongnan mining and metallurgy, central south endowed with Mr. Jiang good teaching environment, he also use their own ability and enthusiasm to cultivate the zhongnan students. Set up in central south university in 2000, Mr. Jiang "Jiang Weiying scholarship", has been paid for thousands of impoverished students. "Patriotic, generosity and dedication" Chen Shuji a few words, make the students present to Mr Jiang Weiying have deeper understanding. The next, and has carried on the exchange students present ms Jiang Yuehui she informal words, to make the students feel more close, the scene atmosphere relaxed and active. Department work for 20 years in Hong Kong, she is proficient in English, she asked the students to share his experience of learning English for years: "language is alive, must want to listen to, read more, speak more, learn to use." At the same time, madame Chiang also stressed the interests and the role of learning environment for language learning can not be ignored, she spoken to encourage the students work in pairs and create favorable conditions for the English language. Question and answer session of the forum will be the scene atmosphere to a climax. Some students find themselves facing graduation attorney work some worry, some classmates ask Hong Kong learning habits and atmosphere of life, some students also want Mr Chiang lady speak more Jiang Weiying the fun things in life. She told the students through the experience of Hong Kong compatriots on the mainland attitude change, answered the students to go to Hong Kong life and learning problems; Through our many years of experience to share with their classmates the lawyer work situation, to encourage students to have confidence in yourself; By Mr Jiang Weiying life anecdotes, let students understand the humorous side of Mr. Jiang's life.

Symposium on ms jiang's blessings and encouragement to the classmates in close to the end. "Continue to work hard, make persistent efforts" simple eight word contains a madame Chiang to students high hopes. Also wish the students: today, the words "one room inside, the Ming dynasty, into a pillar of the country!