Facing the world, for the future - the fifth model United Nations central south university campus wi

Time:2015-12-08    ViewTimes:1636

On December 4, 7 PM the fifth model United Nations school opening ceremony held in the foreign language institute international lecture hall. As a graduate student of English literacy ascending base, improve the level of postgraduate English has a bounden responsibility. Postgraduate work commencement of the activity in the central south university party committee, give full play to the power of the graduate students, enhance the level of the game. Central south university party committee postgraduate work Yao Yongfu ministers, central south university school of foreign languages learning GongBan Han Huili, central south university, director of the foreign languages institute youth corps committee secretary jiang know, central south university of foreign studies college graduate instructors hai-yang wang teacher penetration, central south university President Zhao Xi luca brasi attended the event.

In the beautiful figure host fluent in both English and Chinese after the opening, postgraduate work Yao Yongfu minister for congress opening ceremony, he with his experience of model United Nations, pointed out that this is a great significance and extremely exercise a person's leadership and the activity of thinking. His ardent expectations of zhongnan students should have the courage and confidence towards the world, who give voice to the world!

The next zhen-zhong Yang for a speech by a representative of the graduate students. He tells the history of the United Nations development as well as the central south university simulation since it was founded in 2010 the United Nations association of the achievements. A die league, he said, everyone in the face of other people's questions, are convinced that with a principle: first change yourself, to change the world!

Die league secretary-general peng also to bring us a wonderful speech, she expressed gratitude to the arrival of, and hope the model United Nations activities can give each member brings a new world view. Which is just the model United Nations to carry out the meaning of: let the contemporary teenagers know more about the United Nations, pay close attention to current affairs, pay attention to the world, has a wider means.

Then dress to attend The mold union members to do a brief self-introduction with fluent English and explain to The audience at The same time their issues, respectively: committee of yemen crisis in Chinese and English of "The Promotion of LGBT Right" and "Global currency for Facing Climate Change". From the head of universities for their respective issue has carried on the brief introduction, followed by the host declaration process arrangement and for all guests will video display module and the general assembly, video recording the United Nations for countries to give aid in poverty and war. All present guests feel the United Nations for countries all over the world especially the significance of less developed countries. The mode of the general assembly will watch is very, rigor and interest.

The opening ceremony in the video broadcast ended, the world and the future. Die, for each of us to focus more on looking at the world. I wish the fifth model United Nations school holds a success!